So much more than just payment collection

Welcome to
So much more
than just payment
collection . . .

for independent optical practices in the UK

Your practice . . . just better

Still offering little more than a basic monthly payment option to your contact lens wearers? 

LET US transform those monthly payments into so much more . . .

and not just for lens wearers.

Patient membership that offers . . .

Irresistible benefits

  • Guaranteed eyewear savings

  • Inclusive Optometry

  • Comprehensive eyewear cover

  • Eyewear finance

  • Bundled contact lenses, if worn

  • Eyewear servicing

  • Member only events

All with one simple monthly payment

Irresistible membership benefits

Who doesn't want more? So let's get . . .

Loyalty building

  • Members return more often

  • They come back to you for repairs and replacements

  • Improved responses to recalls

  • More willing to invest in second pairs

  • Increased up take of enhanced services

  • More likely to recommend you


Having the confidence to invest in the future of your practice relies on a predictable and sustainable income. 


With the added loyalty and a regular monthly turnover from your Iris Membership, you can begin to invest in your business, confident that you can afford to.

Financial stability

And the best part . . .

We do the hard work for you

  • Development and modelling

  • Design and build

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Administration

  • Ongoing support

It's all included . . .

All thehard work is done for you
Relaxing Hammock

so you can focus on the important


With your new membership from Iris Visioncare:

Discover a new level of patient loyalty, feel more empowered to compete with other local practices,

rest easier as your monthly membership income grows

and see more patients take up your recommendations for the second pairs you know they need.