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About Iris Visioncare

Born out of decades of experience in independent practice

Formed in 2011, we've built a solid reputation for delivering bespoke membership programmes to Independent practices across the country. We understand how difficult it can be to make headway, in an ever more competitive profession and we know, a membership programme that is specifically built for your practice and patients, can really add to your competitive edge. 

Iris Visioncare are also the first company to offer Comprehensive Eyewear Cover.

Case Study

NHK Opticians - West Country based independent group of seven practices

"Previously, says General Manager Andrew, we had tried the do-it-yourself option with standing orders for lenses but this used up considerable staff resources to administer". "We then tried Eyeplan and at first our members grew but we found the generic nature of their system frustrating. The absence of something tangible to give new members often resulted in patients later not understanding what they had signed up to. We also became concerned that the fixed monthly fee was not reflecting the recommended year on year increase in glasses savings even after we had been advised to initially raise all our prices."

"In 2011 we moved to Iris and immediately noticed a huge difference. Before anything else, they asked a lot of questions and requested a lot of detailed KPI data. They presented a Membership model that offered specific Membership benefits suited to our practice and our patients. Fees where scaled to reflect different levels of savings and they offered us eyewear cover, finance and included our own lens pricing in their system. We also love the membership packs and the simplicity of signing up members online with none of the printed mandates to worry about".

"Our membership has gone from strength to strength".

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