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"for local Independent practices 

building a loyal relationship

with your patients has never been 

so important"

Welcome to the UK's fastest growing tailored Membership Programme for Local Independent Opticians

So much more than just payment collection . . .

Don't be like George . . .

George has run his practice for many years, but never quite found the time to move on from his original standing order payment scheme. With only a modest regular monthly turnover during the pandemic to fall back on, George is beginning to wish he had invested in a more robust Membership Programme to support his practice.

It is surprising just how many Independent optical practices offer little more than a monthly payment option for their contact lens wearers. Many patients view such payments in the same way as their other regular monthly payments like broadband, mobile phone and energy providers; something they just pay each month and, increasingly as research suggests, with very little loyalty to the provider. Surely we can do better . . .

Invest a little now to build 

a lasting relationship . . .

As a local Independent business you rely on the ongoing loyalty of your patients. Offering your own Membership Programme will strengthen this bond and help you grow.  

Offer so much more than just payment collection . . .

By adding a tailored range of affordable Membership benefits as a reward for their regular monthly payments, you will see the relationship with your patients and their loyalty, go from strength to strength.

Iris - Benefits

Benefits they simply cannot find anywhere else locally

Eyewear Savings
Inclusive Optometry
Eyewear Cover
Family Membership
Member Offers
Eyewear Finance

It's natural to want to shop around for the best deal when it comes to payment collection fees but sadly, many practices assume a low cost Direct Debit collection service and the offer of a free aftercare amounts to a Membership Programme. It really does not and will never encourage loyalty and practice growth in the same way our tailored Membership Programmes can.

Tailored to your patients and your practice . . .

Our knowledge and experience creates a fully-costed Membership Programme that truly reflects your practice's vibe and your patient's expectations.

Iris - Tailored

With one of our tailored Membership Programmes comes all the support you need to maintain your focus on delivering exceptional service to your patients.

Iris - We take care

We take care of all the hard work for you

Detailed Financial Modelling
High Quality Membership Literature
Remote and In-Practice Staff Training
Day-to-day Administration and Accounts
Membership Marketing Support
Customer Services and Membership Support

Don't just take our 

word for it though . . .

With our expertise onboard, our clients are discovering how a tailored Membership Programme really can support a successful practice.

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Start the journey to your new tailored Membership Programme today . . .

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