Your patients want to see you investing in new technology . . .


while also enhancing their experience

To achieve this you need a reliable, predictable turnover. A turnover that gives you the confidence to invest in your practice's future. Our tailored Membership Programmes will offer you that confidence . . .

Meet Optometrist and practice owner Sally . . .

Sally's investment in one of our tailored Membership Programmes has resulted in a three-fold increase in regular monthly payments and allowed her to invest in OCT imaging and employ an new clinical assistant.

Iris - Don't assume

Don't assume glasses only patients will be unwilling to invest in your Membership and support what you do 

Before launching her new tailored Membership Programme, monthly payments had only been associated with contact lens wear. Since then, Sally has been surprised by how many glasses-only patients have joined her Membership.

Now she is able to offer her contact lens wearers an enhanced package of Membership benefits, her slightly higher lens pricing seems less relevant to new patients and her number of lens wearers has steadily grown.

Iris - CLGrow.jpeg






Number of monthly members

  Before IRIS            Year 1                Year 2                Year 3               Year 4                 Year 5

Glasses only members

On-demand lens wearers

Regular lens wearers

Based on average data from new Iris clients.

We all love to visit a successful business . . .

The growth in Sally's Membership has also given her the confidence to remodel the practice, invest in a more diverse range of eyewear and introduce new services; all to the benefit of her patients.

Her monthly Membership turnover is split between the supply of contact lenses and her Membership fees that support the eyewear savings and inclusive Optometry she offers.

Iris - Grow.jpeg






Value of monthly payments

  Before IRIS            Year 1                Year 2                Year 3               Year 4                 Year 5

Membership turnover from fees offsetting your membership benefits

Membership turnover from sale of lens products

Based on average data from Iris clients.

And so one thing leads to another . . .

Sally has also noticed some changes that she had not initially expected; her patients seem far more willing to act on her recommendations for additional eyewear that she knows they really require to solve complex vision requirements

Just like Sally, with one of our tailored Membership Programmes, you too can expect to see all the key metrics that denote a successful eyecare business improve . . .

Iris - Better

You too could see more patients . . .

Iris - Better eyewear
Investing in better quality eyewear
Iris - 2nd pairs
Iris - 2nd pair
Happy to invest on your recommendations 
Iris - Willing to invest
Willing to invest in specialist services
Iris - Better response
Responding to reminder letters
Iris - More joining
Joining your membership and supporting you

Don't just take our 

word for it though . . .

With our expertise onboard, our clients are discovering how a tailored Membership Programme really can support a successful practice.