Be Like Bob

Maybe it's time to start a Membership Plan . . .

for a higher Turnover

  • Members spend an extra 26% on average

  • Second pair sales rise on average 16%

  • Glasses only wearers will join

  • Regular membership fee income adds to your practice turnover

better financial Security

  • Monthly income from membership fees and contact lenses smooths out your cashflow; helping you cope with quieter months

  • A regular, predictable income also allows you to plan for the future

more patient Loyalty

  • Higher recall responses from members

  • Members tend to visit more often

  • Overall retention rates are far better

  • Members are far less likely to impulse buy from other optical outlets

a more Competitive Edge

  • Offer your contact lens patients an inclusive package of benefits

  • A range of membership benefits your patients simply cannot get elsewhere

  • Marketing support

Our new clients notice a real change in their patient attitudes . . .

  • More patients, introduced to their new Membership Programme, are coming back to join because they simply cannot find a similar own-branded product anywhere else locally

  • By including their new membership with contact lenses they have noticed far fewer questions about contact lens pricing

  • Clients have had to buy in more premium frame ranges because their new members are choosing better quality frames and lenses

  • Being able to offer interest free finance has pushed up average dispense values

  • Being able to offer inclusive eyewear cover has dramatically reduced the number of patients who choose to purchase a cheap replacement from you know who

  • Our marketing experience has helped new clients enhance their presence on the high street and online

everything In One Place

  • Unique web-portal to manage new members

  • Your contact lenses and pricing built in

  • Your solution & supplement pricing built in

  • Own branded

  • Live access to your membership data

fully Managed by us

  • Monthly payment reconciliation & statements

  • Contact lens updates

  • Software and security updates

  • UK based support

support with Marketing

  • Marketing advice from professionals who truly understand your business

  • Support with web and social media 

  • Bespoke artwork creation

  • Cost effective print solutions

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